Why Is Crowdfunding Popular?

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Why is Crowdfunding  popular?

People feel empowered when they are responsible for creating something new, regardless of whether they are the actual creator or just a contributor.  We all have an inherent desire to be part of something larger than ourselves and this is a major appeal that supports crowdfunding’s existence.
Via the internet, millions of people have access to a wide range of investment opportunities, and this visibility is further fueled through social media.
Compared to the legacy funding mechanisms, crowdfunding offers several key benefits:
·         Easy setup with few obstacles to launch your campaign
·         Entrepreneurs can market their product and fundraise simultaneously
·         Shorter lead time to raise funds (consider  1-2 months vs. 6-12 months)
·         Contributors become your advocates and help grow your customer base
Ultimately, crowdfunding provides businesses with the flexibility and confidence to stay true to their original venture with the support of their potential customers and contributors.

Women In Executive Positions Equal Success?

Three Businesswomen In Office Working On A DocumentIt has been said that women cannot succeed in executive positions without turning up the testosterone. Reality shows have backed this train of thought. For example, The Apprentice and Shark Tank show women making shrude and even calculated negotiations for businesses to claw their way to the front. It does not have or need to be this way.

Yes, executive suites in Fortune 500 companies are predominantly male. However, businessnewsweekly.com states, “Fifty-five percent of the analyzed companies had at least one female executive, and the proportion of female to male executives at these companies was 2 to 9, or 22 percent. In successful companies the median proportion of female executives was 7.1 percent, more than double the median (3.1 percent) in unsuccessful companies. The study also found that every 10 percent increase in female executives at the VP level yielded a 6 percent increase in the company’s odds of success,” It may be time to rethink the power of femininity in the executive offices.
We may ask, “ What makes a successful female executive?” Huffingtonpost.com gives several things that successful women executives do to help them achieve success.
They give credit where credit is due.
They truly believe they will succeed.
They hold on to genuine relationships.
They make time for themselves.
They realize their to-do list is never ending.
They know there is a chance of failure and are still will to take a risk.
They are deeply passionate about what they do.

As a woman you may not want to take the road less traveled and become a top executive at a Fortune 500 company. However, another road less traveled is a female small business owner. The qualities of a successful executive are the same for any woman wanting to start a business. They must believe in themselves and their product. They must realize their to-do list is never ending. Also, the importance of making time for oneself. Women are successful in business because of the qualities they bring to the table, not in spite of them.

Take Your Business In The Right Direction

african american businesswoman waving fistsAs a business owner or potential owner do you feel you have your business going in the right direction? What is the right direction? While a business may seemingly be financially on a sound path, the business itself could potentially be failing. Planning today will certainly determine the future. Take your business in the right direction by avoiding these probable pitfalls.

  1. Sign the check.

The majority of businesses generally have a bookkeeper or accountant on staff responsible for receiving the funds and paying the bills. Looking at a profit and loss statement once a month does not tell the whole story and should never be used as your only insight to the company funds. You should be the one signing the checks so you know exactly where the funds are going and can question payables you are unsure of.

  1. Blended Funds.

Your personal funds and business funds should be completely separated. If you have to make a personal loan to your company or vice versa it should be done in a professional manner. There should not be any reason why your company funds are paying your personal cable bill.

  1. Customer Service

Priority, priority, priority! Whether you offer a service or a product you must treat your customer with the Continue reading

The Campaign Approach

Three Businesswomen Meeting Around Table In Modern OfficeStarting or growing a business can be exciting yet challenging. From ideas running rampant through your head to making it a reality is a long highway. There is so much to do, so much to investigate. In essence, we all know the bottom line will be how we pay for it all. Start-up costs can catch us off guard as we forget the tiny details that eat up our budget and therefore have to find other ways to move forward.

Crowdfunding is a great alternative and has changed the way many business start-ups fund their projects. Crowdfunding has tripled in the last few years and entrepreneurs use this type of funding for proof of concept or early idea validation.

According to Forbes, the key to success, no matter where you seek funding, is Continue reading

Commitment Or Just A Phase

OH blank I2F JournalYou have pondered on your idea for a long time. You have taken several steps to get your business started. You feel like this is it, you can do this. Yes, you can! However, it requires commitment from the thought process to the forever. Let’s define commitment.

Commitment -the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, responsibility, obligation, duty, tie, liability, dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty,and faithfulness.

Do you still feel you have the commitment it requires to start, run, and excel as a business owner?
Great, now say “I am committed to making this business a success”

Your commitment cannot just be the use of the word, it must be an action. Continue reading

Ethics, Integrity & Code of Conduct -Defined

I2F code of conductWe easily understand that economics or poor business management can cause a business to fold. Let’s dig deeper and think about some of the past million dollar businesses that have  failed. Why? What causes such a topple of one’s success. It really is one simple word – morals.

We all know right from wrong but whether we choose to follow the right instead of the wrong makes all the difference. A good business has a great, solid foundation of morals, ethics & integrity. Successful and blossoming businesses Continue reading

Five Tips For Marketing On A Budget

branding i2fFive tips for marketing on a budget.

After months of deliberation, planning and strategizing, you’ve finally taken the bold move and quit your day job to pursue your real passion – becoming your own boss. You know your craft inside out, have already acquired a few clients and are now ready to give it 101% and make this venture succeed. But now the real work begins and you, and only you, are responsible for everything; yes, that means Sales, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Operations and everything else in between.

Marketing needs to be your #1 priority as if nobody knows you exist, how can you possibly generate leads, convert them into customers and start making some money? But funds are tight and you can’t afford a consultant, so what now? Continue reading