Who’s Best For My Business?

Business Competitor At Starting PositionCrowdfunding offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for start up businesses or a business that wants to expand but Who’s Best For My Business? The options can be overwhelming. There is so much to think about, so much to learn. Our best advice is to research, but you need a starting point. Think about how big and how far you want to take your new or existing business, then re-think it and make it real and obtainable. Of course the sky is the limit and we all want to be successful billionaires. It all starts with that first step. It must be solid and you must know what you want and need to make your business thrive. The variables are many including but not limited to the economy, patent rights, and mostly- how to raise the funds. When you are ready or just need a little insight, give us a call or email us. We are happy to help.


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Design Counts

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Grab a cup of coffee and join me. Introducing Guy Kawasaki, Contributor to Entrepreneur.com .
5 Things I Learned About Successful Startups From Steve Jobs is an awesome, informative article, and a great read for business minded professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs alike.  Design Counts is only one of 5 startups that Guy shares.

It might not matter to everyone, but design matters to enough people to make a startup successful. Simple functionality isn’t enough anymore. Now your product or service has to do the job in an elegant and pleasing way. Steve Jobs and Apple have raised people’s expectations forever.


4 more successful startup tips from Guy & Entrepreneur.com

Estimating The Cost

Male And Female Staff In Coffee ShopThe US Small Business Administration shares How to Estimate the Cost of Starting a Business from Scratch.

Start-up costs are technically defined as the costs you’ll incur before you start making any income. It’s an important distinction to make because it will impact your tax return. These costs are broken down as follows:

1. Expenses – These are the costs involved in preparing to open a business and may include things like market research, the mileage costs involved in researching a location, advertising, training, wages, and any fees paid to professionals or consultants such as a lawyer or accountant.

Many (but not all) of these costs are tax deductible, Continue reading

Do You Have What It Takes

Are You An Entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes? Not everyone is cut out for the challenge of starting their own business. There are several personality traits that are common among successful entrepreneurs, including discipline, frugality, self-confidence, good communication skills, humility, honesty and integrity, superb record-keeping skills, motivation, good health, optimism and more. For more on these characteristics, read Are You An Entrepreneur? Create The ConceptProfessional woman making a call Before you quit your job to become an entrepreneur, you must first think of a concept, product or service that will generate a steady stream of income. This may sound easy, but for most people, this is actually the hardest part. You should conceive a plan that puts your knowledge, experience and expertise to use in the most profitable way possible. Continue reading

Stick With It

“Start-ups don’t die, they commit suicide. In other words, 90 percent of start-ups fail because the founders get bored, discouraged, or something else, and they move on to other things, not because of some catastrophe. No matter how dark it is today, things will always be better tomorrow.” — Justin Kan, Justin.TV

Small Business Trends

African American male contractor using tablet PC while inspecting wooden planksAccording to Small Business Trends 2015 companies will make some changes from the past and take a new role in increasing revenue. How many of these changes will you be making?

Less Email, More in Person Meetings

People have opted for email instead of phone calls. But the small business trend this year will be to have more in person meetings with employees, vendors and customers as everyone wants to make true connections that build lasting relationships.

Less Secrecy, More Transparency

With social media instantly communicating and every phone having a camera, nothing in business is a secret any longer. This will force every small business to be much more transparent in dealings with customers, employees and product developments. This will also boost more social responsibility for these companies.

You can check out all of the new trends here!


Registering Your Business Name

Male And Female Staff In Coffee ShopNaming your business is an important branding exercise, but if you choose to name your business as anything other than your own personal name then you’ll need to register it with the appropriate authorities.

This process is known as registering your “Doing Business As” (DBA) name.

What is a “Doing Business As” Name?

A fictitious name (or assumed name, trade name or DBA name) is a business name that is different from your personal name, the names of your partners or the officially registered name of your LLC or corporation.

It’s important to note that when you form a business, the legal name Continue reading

Market Research For Your New Business

Three Businesswomen Meeting Around Table In Modern OfficeKnowing that you have a great business idea/product and are ready to obtain crowdfunding for your business start-up, don’t miss this important step; market research.

So what exactly is market research? Simply put, it’s a way of collecting information you can use to solve or avoid marketing problems. Good market research gives you the data you need to develop a marketing plan that really works for you. It enables you to identify the specific segments within a market that you want to target and to create an identity for your product or service that separates it from Continue reading